Go Green While Spring Cleaning!

While one of the main reasons we spring clean each year is to create a healthier home, have you considered what your cleaning products are doing to your environment?  To THE environment?! 

 Rather than using conventional products which are often quite toxic, try cleaning your home with all natural cleaners.  Not only will this create a much healthier home for you and your family (including your “furry” family), and a much healthier planet, in the long run it can save you green (money, that is)!

What’s Wrong with Conventional Cleaning Products?

Many of the chemicals in these products cause problems by releasing toxic fumes, especially when used in the wrong combination; polluting the water and soil around your home and downstream; creating illness if ingested, especially by your children or companion animals; and causing topical reactions such as rash and other skin issues.

Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

If you want to do-it-yourself and save a good amount of money, you can make healthy and green cleaning products at home.  Very effective and green cleaning solutions can be made out of things you may already have around the house, including:

  • Distilled white vinegar – very effective for disinfecting surfaces and cutting grease. A solution of vinegar and water is great for cleaning floors, windows, and kitchen appliances.

  • Citrus fruit – such as lemon, orange or grapefruit, have wonderful grease-cutting power, and they add a fabulous fresh and fruity scent.

  • Baking soda – use with fine steel wool to scrub the crud off of countertops, bathtubs and sinks.

Buy Green/Environmentally Friendly Products

If you prefer not to make your own, you can find a number of “clean” cleaning products in the grocery store, particularly in the health food stores. Many companies are creating their own line of cleaning products that are friendlier for the environment and less toxic to you.

When buying cleaning products avoid these ingredients:

  • Phosphates – very harmful to plants and micro-organisms necessary to keep water reservoirs healthy

  • Bleach – a highly toxic chemical; especially NEVER combine it with ammonia!

  • Petroleum

  • Surfactants

  • Ammonia

  • Lye

  • Hydrochloric acid

  • Sulfuric acid

  • Phenols

These chemicals can create harmful substances in the soil and water supply, often destroying the plants and animals they contact. In addition the process of making many of these chemicals produces large amounts of toxins that are released into our air and contribute to global warming.

For healthier and greener products, look for:

  • Essential oils

  • Citrus

  • Glycerin

  • Water

  • And other natural and recognizable elements 

One more tip for the road…

Switch Sponges for Dishcloths

So many people use sponges because they are convenient and seem easy to keep clean.  But the truth is, sponges can harbor harmful bacteria and actually be spreading germs while you clean, rather than removing them. Dishcloths can be washed often along with your dishtowels.  Wash your dishcloths with cold water and detergent, and add a little white vinegar for the added disinfecting power.

It really is easy to make a few changes that create a dramatic improvement in the health of your home and the environment.  Simply replace those old toxic cleaning solutions with all-natural and safe ingredients that are better for the planet…and for you!

Are You Making a Living…or Making a Life?

“I’ve learned that making a ‘living’ is not the same thing as making a ‘life’.”

~ poet & author Maya Angelou

I read something recently from an internet marketer who claimed that to be successful would take at least three years, and the reader should expect to not have time for anything else during the three years. No time for family, friends, vacations or even a day off.

As any good catalyst will do, this article got me thinking about what success means to me. It seems that to this marketer, “success” is defined mainly by how much money he makes – while for me, working 24-7 and ignoring everything and everyone else is another definition of insanity!

When starting your own business, there are two extremes to watch out for: claims that you can make “big money overnight, without lifting a finger!” and those that warn you success is only achieved by “working your fingers to the bone while sacrificing your health, relationships and happiness.”

Any business takes work, especially during the launch and growth phases…and it is absolutely possible to be engaged in building your business, while enjoying the process and making time for your other priorities. The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you are not under the thumb of a boss, and can structure your business to fit with your life, not fit your life in the few hours left when you are not at a job.

Of course, it all depends on your personal values and vision…

What is your definition of success? Is it earning a million dollars, owning a big house, or driving a fancy car? Is it feeling more freedom to do what brings you joy, being with the people you love, and having the vibrant health to enjoy your life? Is it knowing you can easily support yourself financially, helping the people and charitable causes you believe in, and having resources for unexpected opportunities or challenges?

Many people are stuck in a rut of either a job they dread just to pay the bills, or in the cut-throat mentality of much of the corporate scene. By contrast, a conscious entrepreneur can design their work to be anything they want it to be, while living a life they love and making their own unique and valuable contribution to the world. You have a choice: you have the ability to create a conscious business, one that rises above the rest in quality, service and integrity; at the same time you are creating a conscious life, one of love, joy and meaning.

What will you choose?

Chakra Healing Crystal Dragonfly necklace

I’ve been so inspired by my work with the Chakra system lately ~ and by the feedback from those who have purchased items from my line of Chakra Healing Jewelry ~ that designs are appearing in my dreams now!

To be honest, I came to love this necklace so much while I was creating it, that it was going to be a “keeper” ~ one that I could wear myself rather than listing it on Etsy ~ and yet I keep getting the message that it is meant for someone else…maybe you?!

Update: This necklace has sold! To see other Chakra Healing items in my Etsy store: Chakra Healing Jewelry by IndieWolf on Etsy

Dragonfly pewter pendant suspended gracefully below dainty faceted rondelles of chakra healing crystal gemstones. Each stone corresponds to one of our main 7 chakras – energy centers in the body – with clear Swarovski crystal accents for alignment and harmony.

Gemstones included are: garnet, carnelian, citrine, peridot, aquamarine, iolite, and amethyst.

Included with your necklace are descriptions of each of the chakras and stones and their corresponding energies, and an overview of chakra theory.

Necklace measures 17 – 19.5 inches (43.2 – 49.5 cm) long, with sterling silver chain extension, and closes with a sterling silver “infinity” (aka “figure 8”) lobster claw clasp.

Lead-free pewter Dragonfly pendant from Green Girl Studios measures 1/2 inch wide by 3/4 inches tall (1.3 cm x 1.9 cm) ~ back of pendant reads “fly” (see photos for close-up views).

Delivered in a lovely gift box, and you may request a gift card in the “Note to Seller” section of the order page.

My New Book is Here ~ Align, Expand and Succeed!

Align, Expand and Succeed; Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success is based on the premise that the world is changing at a very rapid pace. We are starting to see that cooperation brings better results than old style competition. It’s a new era and we need to work together to create success for everyone, not just for a few.

This book features dozens of conscious entrepreneurs ~ including me! ~ who share our wisdom, expertise, stories, lessons and insights about the new and exciting shifts that are happening for entrepreneurs worldwide.

This book is designed to raise the vibration of the planet like never before!

Here are a couple of the many wonderful reviews we’ve already received:

“This book will help anyone striving to succeed in this new world
(and new economy) as a business owner. The future depends on the success of en…trepreneurs, and this book gives you both heartfelt inspiration and practical strategies that help.”
~Loral Langemeier, Author of the 3 book Millionaire Maker series.

“This book will help you close the gap from where you are today to where you want to be… serving the people you’re meant to serve.” ~ Michael Port, Author of Book Yourself Solid

Update: To order Align, Expand and Succeed – I will be adding a link to purchase here on my site very soon; in the meantime please send me a message through my Contact Page


National Wolf Awareness Week: An Interview with Etsy for Animals

Indie with Shaman at W.O.L.F.

One of my most beloved sources of inspiration has always been the animal kingdom ~ and wolves in particular.  So I am incredibly honored that Lisa of TheAnimalsMagicShop and Nicole of brizel4TheAnimals chose to feature this interview with me on the Etsy for Animals (EFA) blog this week ~ visit this link to learn about the volunteer work I do with wolves and wolf-dogs at W.O.L.F. sanctuary!

Etsy for Animals (EFA – Artists Helping Animals) is a group of more than 600 independent artists,independent craftspeople, independent vintage suppliers, and independent art and craft suppliersthat combine their efforts to provide charitable relief to animals.EFA can be found as a Team on Etsy.com, an online marketplace for buying and selling handmade items. All members of EFA are also Etsy members.

Click here to read the interview!

Etsy Treasury Feature – Seeded Beaded

Wonderful treasury of beaded goodies, featuring my Crocheted Amulet Pouch with Butterfly…enjoy!

‘Seeded Beaded’ by barkrock

Gorgeous and creative designs, made from the tiniest of beads!

native spirit bracelet


Silver Seed Bead Locket…


Stunning Beadwoven Brac…


Bollywood BeDazzle Seed…


Tahoe – Long Beaded Dou…


Crocheted Amulet Pouch …


Spider necklace


Chevron Cuff (BR0045C01…


Autumn Hand Knit Finger…


Chocolate bronze toned …


Cyan Net Nekclace


Small Ray of Light – Be…


Streamers Beadwoven Bra…


Black Seed Beaded Chand…


Vintage lace – hand bea…


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